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Skull Crackers Entertainment


October 2017

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Q3 2021




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Inspired by TV shows and movies like The Sopranos, The Godfather, and Goodfellas, This Thing Of Ours offers a unique gameplay experience, developed with the Unity Game Engine.

Take on the role of Vincent “Vinny” Amato, as he rises up the criminal ladder in New Temperance. Vinny quickly learns that this way of life, you’re either one of two things,  liable or a liability. You’ll have to find ways to keep bringing in money to make the bosses happy. Though it may be illegal ways such as stealing cars, breaking into houses, robbing banks, contract killing or more. Or through legal ways such as owning a business.

Key Features

  • Enter the world of Temperance City – A living, breathing city. Pedestrians react to events in-game.
  • Early Access – TTOO will be launching as an Early Access game on steam. We’ll be using feedback from our community to help improve the game!
  • Strategy & less shooting – This game is not just about shoot and drive, it’s about strategy and precision to both control your crew and funds for your iron fist to control the city.
  • Businesses – Own legitimate and illegitimate businesses throughout the city such as brothels, taxi companies, pawn shops, and many more!
  • Earning – Breaking into houses at night, fence stolen goods, take on contract hits, and robbing jewelry stores, are just a few ways to earn money for the family.
  • Mob Wars – Start mob wars with rival families, take over their hubs, and territory to grow your families power.




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