We would like to welcome you to our mapping development update! It’s been a while and we have been feeling somewhat guilty that we haven’t updated you on how the map is looking! Here is a quick preview on what we have been working on in the last few months – we are in the process of doing a huge mapping team development blog to give you a better insight. For now, enjoy!

New Temperance – Areas
When we first set out mapping New Temperance we had a certain look in mind that we wanted to accomplish. Here are few of the areas that we have partially finished now

Ferrers Green aka Little Italy

Oldest and most characteristic of any part of the map. It’s riddled with authentic Italian pizzerias, bars and market stalls.

Terminal Island Docks

One of the most rich in history areas in New Temperance that thrives from the import and export businesses that seem to thrive there.

Becken Gardens – Chinatown

Was originally an old Italian neighbourhood but with the influx of Chinese immigrants settling in the area in the early 70s it quickly grew and became China Town.

New Temperance will consist of 6 more highly detailed areas like the above to give you the full feel of the city. Each area of the city will be unique in it’s own way. Our tester team have already given us a lot of positive feedback on the way the map is shaping up.


We are continuously developing new buildings to put into the map to provide a unique looking and feeling game while maintaining same art form through out the map.

Early Access – RUSH!

With early access creeping around the corner the mapping team is currently concentrating on finishing the outlines of the map ready for the buildings to be put in along with detailing of all the areas.

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