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This Thing of Ours – Teaser trailer

After a few delays, it’s here… The official teaser trailer for This Thing of Ours! We were so excited to release this no word of lie we were worst than children on Christmas eve! We hope this will give you some insight into what to expect from the game graphically and mechanically.

We are currently hard at work with our testing team trying to iron out any creases for the early access launch which means one thing yes, we are almost there guys.

Please check out some fresh off-the-press screenshots below that we have been taken over the last few days. This blog will be short and sweet as we wanted to update you on the trailer as always please follow us on social media from the links below or come and chat with us on our Discord channel.

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January 2020 Update

First and foremost we’d like to say Happy New Year from all of us at Skull Crackers Entertainment!

We know it’s been quite sometime since our last development log was put out. Our main goal was to focus on making the game better rather than focusing our efforts on social media. In this development log we will showcase what we have been up to.

Character Customization

Character customization is something we’ve wanted from the beginning of the development. We’ve made lots of adjustments to Vinny and his character model for this to happen. You’ll be able to purchase different clothes at various clothing stores around the city.


We’ve been making lots of improvements to our pedestrians system to make them act in a more realistic manner. When it rains, they’ll run and take cover under an awning, or use a newspaper or umbrella to cover themselves. Our goal is to make the world feel as alive as possible.


The animation team has been hard at work creating new animations for the game. These are some of our favorites that they’ve been working on.

Police Officer Models

The modeling & texture team has done an outstanding job on working on our new character models. Here’s some of their latest work with some of our new police officers.

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Mapping Dev. blog

We would like to welcome you to our mapping development update! It’s been a while and we have been feeling somewhat guilty that we haven’t updated you on how the map is looking! Here is a quick preview on what we have been working on in the last few months – we are in the process of doing a huge mapping team development blog to give you a better insight. For now, enjoy!

New Temperance – Areas
When we first set out mapping New Temperance we had a certain look in mind that we wanted to accomplish. Here are few of the areas that we have partially finished now

Ferrers Green aka Little Italy

Oldest and most characteristic of any part of the map. It’s riddled with authentic Italian pizzerias, bars and market stalls.

Terminal Island Docks

One of the most rich in history areas in New Temperance that thrives from the import and export businesses that seem to thrive there.

Becken Gardens – Chinatown

Was originally an old Italian neighbourhood but with the influx of Chinese immigrants settling in the area in the early 70s it quickly grew and became China Town.

New Temperance will consist of 6 more highly detailed areas like the above to give you the full feel of the city. Each area of the city will be unique in it’s own way. Our tester team have already given us a lot of positive feedback on the way the map is shaping up.


We are continuously developing new buildings to put into the map to provide a unique looking and feeling game while maintaining same art form through out the map.

Early Access – RUSH!

With early access creeping around the corner the mapping team is currently concentrating on finishing the outlines of the map ready for the buildings to be put in along with detailing of all the areas.

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Early Access & Discord

First and foremost we’d like to say we’re sorry for the somewhat late development update on the game. We’ve been extremely hard at work getting as much work done as possible that we haven’t had the time to sit down and compile a development blog for it all.

We had a very successful playtesting sessions with our private group of testers in January. We were able to gather a lot of feedback, test many features, find bugs and find out where our weaknesses were in the current state of the game. Since then we’ve already finished fixing all those issues and have made some fantastic progress on the game.

Vehicle System

We’ve been hard at work on the vehicle system along with many other things. We’d just like to give you a quick showcase of what we’ve been working on.

Vehicles such as sedans, vans, and coupe’s will have a usable trunk. You’ll be able to store guns, and stolen items inside these trunks. (We’re still working on the tidying up the UI a bit, before we showcase it.)
Lights off during the daytime.
Lights on during nighttime.(Still have some slight tweaks to do to make the lights slightly brighter on some vehicles as well as some lens flaring)


Our weapons system is 99% completed. The last 5% are some minor UI elements for the inventory, and some clean up of the animations. We decided to go with a more limited inventory for the player. You’ll be able to carry 1 sidearm(Handgun), 1 primary weapon(Assault Rifles, SMG, Sniper Rifle, etc) and 1 melee weapon(Baseball bat, baton, brass knuckles, etc.). The reason behind this is we wanted the player to think, and assess each situation they’re in, and handling that situation with what they have available to them.

You can pick-up weapons from the ground.

Getting Drunk

You’ll be able to go into bars, and strip clubs and drink alcohol. If you consume enough alcohol you’ll become drunk, your vision will become blurred and you’ll notice you can’t seem to walk straight. Just don’t puke all over that nice fancy suit you just got, all right?

We’re officially on Discord now. You can join our official discord server via the top menu on our website under Connect. Or you can click here:

Early Access

We’ve officially decided that we will be joining the Early Access system.
As we began development, we were highly against going into early access. But as things progressed and changed, we decided we wanted to develop this game alongside our community to give them the best possible experience. We plan on launching on Steam Early Access in June 2019.

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Development Update: Boxing, new characters & more!

Hey fans!

We hope you all enjoyed your holiday! We’re hitting the ground running with This Thing Of Ours and are extremely happy & excited to be showing you some new updates that we’ve been working on.


Please Ignore our ugly play testing area!

One of our favorite things about the development of the game so far has been the side activities we’ve been working on. We’ve just finished up the first pass on the boxing system which makes it fully functional. Vinny, can go to underground boxing clubs, and fight to earn himself some extra money. We still have more work to do on this feature such as Vinny’s fighting outfit but we’re happy with the shape that it is in right now.

Garbage Hauler

The garbage Hauler, is a public service vehicle. If Vinny gets inside one of these he’s able to trigger the “Garbage collection” side activity. Where, you’ll be prompted with random points around New Temperance to collection trash from. Earning yourself extra, honest money.

Paul Lombardi & Thomas Costa

Salvatore “Sal” Giancano

Sal is a captain in the Licatialli crime family.

Donald Perrino & Nicholas Bucceri

Donald “Donnie” Perrino, is the boss of the Perrino crime Family. Nicholas “Nicky” Bucceri is acting captain for his fathers crew.


We’ve started work on our intimidation feature. Where you’ll be able to intimidate certain shop owners to kick-up to you instead of another crew every week. You’ll have a few different options of “persuading” them. We originally wanted to show off a video of this feature but unfortunately we don’t feel it’s to our standards yet!

Development plans

Right now our main focus is to develop the game world alongside our major game mechanics such as the businesses systems, intimidation feature, and the rest of the mechanics to be able to play the game. Some of the core content has been finished such as looting dead bodies, home invasions, mob wars, and more but there’s still a lot more to go.

We’ll be adding in the main missions into the game within the coming months and make the game playable from the first mission all the way to the very last mission in the game.

We plan to keep our fans updated once every week or every other week. Depending on the amount of content we’re able to get done during that week. We all know you’re eager to get your hands on the game, so stay tuned for exciting news regarding that!







It’s been a while

First and foremost I know we’ve been extremely quiet about development of this game for the past few months. This does not mean we’ve stopped working on the game at all, in fact, it just means we’ve been working extra hard on the game!

The amount of work we’ve been able to accomplish over this period of time has been outstanding and we can’t wait to show you guys some videos of it soon! But for now, we’d like to share a few gif’s of the many animations we’ve had completed over this period of time and some screenshots of some characters.

We have a lot of changes planned for after the new year on how we’ll be pushing out content via social media. So expect to see us a lot more frequently! We’ll also be revamping our entire website with a sleek new design.

The surrender animation for when the player is getting arrested.

Part of the animation from the Intimidation feature. Where you’ll be able to grab shop owners and persuade them to kick-up to you instead of the other guys.

Paying money to someone

Planting a bomb

A couple of bikers from the motorcycle club in the game.

All of Vinny’s apartments, houses and condos come equiped with a wardrobe, where he can change his clothes.

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Smash & Grab

One of the features that we’re excited to talk about is the Smash & Grab feature. There are certain buildings around New Temperance where you’ll be able to break the glass, and steal items quickly before the police arrive. Now, once the glass is broken, the alarm will sound off, and the police will immediately head to the location. If you break into the building too many times during the week, they’ll install bars on the windows disallowing you to break in for a while. We”ll be showing all of this off in a gameplay video after the new year!

From all of us at Skull Crackers Entertainment we’d like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday!







The boys of Beacon Hill + extras…

Let me say this… This Thing of Ours is not dead and we would like to apologize to everyone for keeping you all in the dark on our development for the past few months as it has been BUSY with a capital B!

There is light at the end of the tunnel now as we have recruited a social media dude (some call him knight hawk but you can refer to him as Ismail) who will be handling all of the future social media articles and updates so we can continue working hard on the script and map.

We would also like to let everyone know that we have hired 3 freelance design and texture artists to handle a lot of the models (not Victoria secret ones 🙁 ) as we have realised that we want our first official game to be the most bad ass one out there! For the past few months they have been making vehicles, characters and objects to be submerged into the map!

So onto the updates, Jeff and Dovy (studio heads of Skull Crackers entertainment *show offs*) have been working hard while maintaining stable lives behind the scenes while scripting and mapping something extremely special! There is number of huge changes to the script and map which we will reveal shortly below. So sit back get a brew and some snacks!

Map: The map has been growing changing and molding into shape on a daily basis! With recent editions of Chinatown, financial district the port, HUGE bridge, New Temperance Correctional Facility, film studio, central park *breaths* the list goes on but be sure that there will be a number of unique places to visit and relax what ever your needs are as Skull Crackers Entertainment operates like the Ritz comforting needs of all of its guests, may it be robbing drug dealers and making your own shank in prison to complete your hit assignment we seem to have it all! There will also be a lot of hidden location on the map that you will be able to visit if you choose to…. (strip club, brothels, gambling dens and much more illicit activities).

Script: Crew, business, staffing and finances control panel has been finalized and it will be extremely user/platform friendly as we liked to make it as entertaining as possible. We can’t reveal too much information regarding the scripting as it’s been stamped as military grade secret! BUT! We have been promised a number of videos to come out out in the next few months showcasing a lot of it! ( I’ve seen it and it’s the BOMB! )

Models and texturing: Please bear in mind that these images are NOT the final product as we would like to leave it a bit more of a surprise rather than show you final products! But lets let the picture do the talking!


I’m sure we will be seeing more and more updates from now on This Thing of Ours as things are for sure in a strong and aggressive swing! If anyone is interested in further news please follow the Skull Crackers social media pages below! From us here today “Alla salute” (or something like that)





It’s back to business!

Here is a list of illegal rackets you will be able to run with your crew and a small explanation behind them! The running of every businesses will have a huge impact of where Vinny ends up. After you initially take over a business it won’t mean plain sailing form there on it will consist of hard work making them operate and earn the most cash out of them you will have to hire business specialists payoff the cops organise security and in general make sure everyone is happy and your competitions will always be on your heels and ready to take over you action!

Gamblings dens: Here’s your chance to run your very own backroom casino operation. You best look sharp because this place will have some faces you will want to impress.

Brothels: It’s sleazy, it’s dirty but these girls will make you feel like a real man! Best get your PIMP hand backhand practice in!

Chopshops: Got a car that’s coming in hot? well these places is where you will be able to bring them to. You will be able to change the plates and colour to make the cops stop looking for it or maybe you just want to sell your wheels that you have just stolen for a few bucks.

Fence: Every neighbourhood has one where its ether you bringing those items you “borrowed” from a random house or it’s your granfathers watch that you’re trying to flock for a few $.

Prize fights: Make your bets on those dumb steroided up fools and watch them knock their opponents into next week!

Drug operations: It’s illegal but it’s smells of hard earned cash! You will bring it in and you will sell it on the mean streets of New Temperance.

Backroom pokers games: It’s dark and it’s filled with smoke but these backroom poker games make a lot of money so we’re sure we will see you there.



Vincent Amato Clothing

Throughout the course of the game you’ll be able to enter clothing shops and purchase new outfits for Vincent to wear. Each outfit will give him a different amount of respect and certain outfits are required to enter special businesses in the game. Below are just 2 of those outfits you’ll be able to change into.



We’ve decided to set ourselves up with a reddit page to help grow the fan base of the game and get news and information out faster to our fan base. Please give us a follow on reddit at:


Social Media:

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Racket Bosses, and development updates.

Hey, everyone!


I know it’s been a little over a month since we’ve had our last update on the progress of the game. Development has been going good, we’ve been hard at work every single day! We’ve been working on different game mechanics for the game and one of them has been the racket bosses feature. A Racket Boss, is in short, a manager who runs your day-to-day operations of your illegal racket. Each racket boss specializes in a different type of racket, such as: Chop Shops, gambling, brothels, etc. The higher their experience within that specific area, the more efficient the racket will run. In order to get a racket boss to work for you, you must gain their trust by completing a mission or two for them. Doing so will allow you to place them in charge of a racket, and racket bosses are needed in order for a racket to generate money. Below we’ve attached a video showcasing some work on the businesses control panel.





Illegal rackets

Illegal rackets will be dotted around the city may it down an alley way or at the back of a restaurant.

The rackets will range from Gambling dens, chop shops, fence, executive poker game, brothels, fight, nights and much more!

You will have the chance to take over these businesses or set up an empire of your own by purchasing legal fronts and setting up back room dealings.

IMG 20180214 220536 489

Drug Dealing

Drug dealing is an optional choice when it comes to earning money in This Thing Of Ours. Drugs can initially be brought in from connections you gain throughout the course of the game. Once you have yourself some drugs you can push them to drug dealers and drug users. Each dealer/user has the probability of being a snitch, if they are in fact a snitch, the police will immediately be notified and swarm in on your position(You are of course able to escape at your own risk).

Car Dealerships

Car dealerships are scattered across the city and are great ways for you to spend some of that hard earned cash!


Businesses were a key source of legitimate income for wise guys and they will be for you too! Some businesses in the city will be made available to purchase right from the start of the game, and some will have to be taken from rival families and gangs.

Businesses also have the ability to have illegal rackets set-up in their backrooms. In order to establish an illegal racket you must first have a racket boss who will run the day-to-day operations. Illegal rackets, if enough heat is brought into the business, has the ability to be shut down along with the business by the police.


ATM’s are scattered across the city and are a useful feature in help keeping your money safe and secure.

Family Dues

Just like in the real mafia you’ll be required to pay a kick-up to your captain every Sunday. You’ll have 4 choices when it comes to paying your kick-up. You can pay all of your money on hand, half your money on hand, a quarter of the money on hand or nothing at all. The amount you kick-up every week determines your reputation and likeness within the family. If you keep in the families good side and prove that you’re a good earner you’ll be a made man within the family in no time.

Social Media:

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