Month: February 2018


Illegal rackets

Illegal rackets will be dotted around the city may it down an alley way or at the back of a restaurant.

The rackets will range from Gambling dens, chop shops, fence, executive poker game, brothels, fight, nights and much more!

You will have the chance to take over these businesses or set up an empire of your own by purchasing legal fronts and setting up back room dealings.

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Drug Dealing

Drug dealing is an optional choice when it comes to earning money in This Thing Of Ours. Drugs can initially be brought in from connections you gain throughout the course of the game. Once you have yourself some drugs you can push them to drug dealers and drug users. Each dealer/user has the probability of being a snitch, if they are in fact a snitch, the police will immediately be notified and swarm in on your position(You are of course able to escape at your own risk).

Car Dealerships

Car dealerships are scattered across the city and are great ways for you to spend some of that hard earned cash!


Businesses were a key source of legitimate income for wise guys and they will be for you too! Some businesses in the city will be made available to purchase right from the start of the game, and some will have to be taken from rival families and gangs.

Businesses also have the ability to have illegal rackets set-up in their backrooms. In order to establish an illegal racket you must first have a racket boss who will run the day-to-day operations. Illegal rackets, if enough heat is brought into the business, has the ability to be shut down along with the business by the police.


ATM’s are scattered across the city and are a useful feature in help keeping your money safe and secure.

Family Dues

Just like in the real mafia you’ll be required to pay a kick-up to your captain every Sunday. You’ll have 4 choices when it comes to paying your kick-up. You can pay all of your money on hand, half your money on hand, a quarter of the money on hand or nothing at all. The amount you kick-up every week determines your reputation and likeness within the family. If you keep in the families good side and prove that you’re a good earner you’ll be a made man within the family in no time.

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