First and foremost I know we’ve been extremely quiet about development of this game for the past few months. This does not mean we’ve stopped working on the game at all, in fact, it just means we’ve been working extra hard on the game!

The amount of work we’ve been able to accomplish over this period of time has been outstanding and we can’t wait to show you guys some videos of it soon! But for now, we’d like to share a few gif’s of the many animations we’ve had completed over this period of time and some screenshots of some characters.

We have a lot of changes planned for after the new year on how we’ll be pushing out content via social media. So expect to see us a lot more frequently! We’ll also be revamping our entire website with a sleek new design.

The surrender animation for when the player is getting arrested.

Part of the animation from the Intimidation feature. Where you’ll be able to grab shop owners and persuade them to kick-up to you instead of the other guys.

Paying money to someone

Planting a bomb

A couple of bikers from the motorcycle club in the game.

All of Vinny’s apartments, houses and condos come equiped with a wardrobe, where he can change his clothes.

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Smash & Grab

One of the features that we’re excited to talk about is the Smash & Grab feature. There are certain buildings around New Temperance where you’ll be able to break the glass, and steal items quickly before the police arrive. Now, once the glass is broken, the alarm will sound off, and the police will immediately head to the location. If you break into the building too many times during the week, they’ll install bars on the windows disallowing you to break in for a while. We”ll be showing all of this off in a gameplay video after the new year!

From all of us at Skull Crackers Entertainment we’d like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday!







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