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First and foremost we’d like to say we’re sorry for the somewhat late development update on the game. We’ve been extremely hard at work getting as much work done as possible that we haven’t had the time to sit down and compile a development blog for it all.

We had a very successful playtesting sessions with our private group of testers in January. We were able to gather a lot of feedback, test many features, find bugs and find out where our weaknesses were in the current state of the game. Since then we’ve already finished fixing all those issues and have made some fantastic progress on the game.

Vehicle System

We’ve been hard at work on the vehicle system along with many other things. We’d just like to give you a quick showcase of what we’ve been working on.

Vehicles such as sedans, vans, and coupe’s will have a usable trunk. You’ll be able to store guns, and stolen items inside these trunks. (We’re still working on the tidying up the UI a bit, before we showcase it.)
Lights off during the daytime.
Lights on during nighttime.(Still have some slight tweaks to do to make the lights slightly brighter on some vehicles as well as some lens flaring)


Our weapons system is 99% completed. The last 5% are some minor UI elements for the inventory, and some clean up of the animations. We decided to go with a more limited inventory for the player. You’ll be able to carry 1 sidearm(Handgun), 1 primary weapon(Assault Rifles, SMG, Sniper Rifle, etc) and 1 melee weapon(Baseball bat, baton, brass knuckles, etc.). The reason behind this is we wanted the player to think, and assess each situation they’re in, and handling that situation with what they have available to them.

You can pick-up weapons from the ground.

Getting Drunk

You’ll be able to go into bars, and strip clubs and drink alcohol. If you consume enough alcohol you’ll become drunk, your vision will become blurred and you’ll notice you can’t seem to walk straight. Just don’t puke all over that nice fancy suit you just got, all right?

We’re officially on Discord now. You can join our official discord server via the top menu on our website under Connect. Or you can click here: https://discordapp.com/invite/d9fTvT2

Early Access

We’ve officially decided that we will be joining the Early Access system.
As we began development, we were highly against going into early access. But as things progressed and changed, we decided we wanted to develop this game alongside our community to give them the best possible experience. We plan on launching on Steam Early Access in June 2019.

Social Media

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