Development Update: Boxing, new characters & more!

Hey fans!

We hope you all enjoyed your holiday! We’re hitting the ground running with This Thing Of Ours and are extremely happy & excited to be showing you some new updates that we’ve been working on.


Please Ignore our ugly play testing area!

One of our favorite things about the development of the game so far has been the side activities we’ve been working on. We’ve just finished up the first pass on the boxing system which makes it fully functional. Vinny, can go to underground boxing clubs, and fight to earn himself some extra money. We still have more work to do on this feature such as Vinny’s fighting outfit but we’re happy with the shape that it is in right now.

Garbage Hauler

The garbage Hauler, is a public service vehicle. If Vinny gets inside one of these he’s able to trigger the “Garbage collection” side activity. Where, you’ll be prompted with random points around New Temperance to collection trash from. Earning yourself extra, honest money.

Paul Lombardi & Thomas Costa

Salvatore “Sal” Giancano

Sal is a captain in the Licatialli crime family.

Donald Perrino & Nicholas Bucceri

Donald “Donnie” Perrino, is the boss of the Perrino crime Family. Nicholas “Nicky” Bucceri is acting captain for his fathers crew.


We’ve started work on our intimidation feature. Where you’ll be able to intimidate certain shop owners to kick-up to you instead of another crew every week. You’ll have a few different options of “persuading” them. We originally wanted to show off a video of this feature but unfortunately we don’t feel it’s to our standards yet!

Development plans

Right now our main focus is to develop the game world alongside our major game mechanics such as the businesses systems, intimidation feature, and the rest of the mechanics to be able to play the game. Some of the core content has been finished such as looting dead bodies, home invasions, mob wars, and more but there’s still a lot more to go.

We’ll be adding in the main missions into the game within the coming months and make the game playable from the first mission all the way to the very last mission in the game.

We plan to keep our fans updated once every week or every other week. Depending on the amount of content we’re able to get done during that week. We all know you’re eager to get your hands on the game, so stay tuned for exciting news regarding that!







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